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    Vietnam culinary culture bonds strongly with products originated from main agricultural products such as rice, sweet potato, wheat, cassava etc. Typical examples can be named noodles, pho noodles, rice papers. These foods is currently not only to satisfy the local market but also to serve the increasing demand from oversea customers. As such, the need to have high quality good hygienic products is very urgent. Facing with this challenge and opportunity, Bach Khoa Food Processing Co. Ltd., with identification brand “BachkhoaFoods”,  is founded to supply the domestic and international market products such as spring roll net wrappers, half-dry pho noodles and dry pho noodles with high quality, reasonable price and be able to satisfy the highest hygienic conditions.

    With the expert team who has more than 20 years of experience in the area of manufacture equipment for food industry (typical examples are processing system for cashew, coffee and rice), BachkhoaFoods has been constructing the modern processing systems for pho noodles and spring roll net wrappers to deliver products with highest quality.

    Mission of Bachkhoafoods

    “Deliver uniform products satisfying the following criteria:  good, safe and  reasonable price”

    Vision of Bachkhoafoods

    “To be a  one of the top food processing businesses in Vietnam to promote Vietnamese cuisine to the world”  

    Our operation is based on 4 core values

    ♦ Integrity: honesty and transparency in all transactions and relations with customers

    ♦ Social responsibility: maintain sustainable manufacturing process.

    ♦ Customer respect: treat customers fairly and always listen and welcome all customer feedback.

    ♦ Innovation and creativity: non-stop improvement to upgrade technology, equipment to bring the best products to customers.

    We are one of the leading businesses in processing food products from rice in Vietnam market.



    Bring best products to you

    Targeting to become the pioneer in processing foods with good hygiene&quality for domestic and international markets, Bachkhoafoods will be focusing in various traditional Vietnam products such as spring roll net wrappers (bánh tráng rế),  rice vermicelli (bún), rice papers (bánh tráng gạo), tapioca papers (bánh tráng bò bía) and pho noodles.

    Currently, our main products include spring roll net wrappers, fresh pho noodles and half-fry pho noodles.

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    58/5, 4th Str., Qtr. 27,Binh Hung Hoa A Ward, Binh Tan Dist.
    Hotline: +84 905 336 288 – +84 903 825 695
    Email: info@bachkhoafoods.vn

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    58/5, 4th Street, Quarter 27, Binh Hung Hoa A Ward, Binh Tan Dist. , HCMC.
    Hotline: +84 905 336 288 – +84 903 825 695
    Email: info@bachkhoafoods.vn

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